Wynn's Revenge

Wynn's Revenge

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Wynn's Revenge Vodka
(Cold Spring Hollow Distillery, PA)
Distilled from 100% corn.

Nose: Lemon curd, candied citrus, orange peel, burnt orange peel, peach, vanilla, dough, potato, corn starch, dusty, mineral.

Palate: Lemony, orange, zest, anisette, bread dough, cereal grains, grassy, white peppercorn, peppery, spicy, oily spice, creamy, milky, powder, chalky, mineral, wet stone, well made, flavorful, soft, smooth for mixing, easy drinking.

Finish: Vanilla cream, citrusy, early season melon, lingering spice, pepper, pink peppercorn, mineral, wet stone, vibrant, nice, easy drinking, silky, soft, elegant.

Produced using 100% corn mash for a smooth refreshing vodka that is gluten free.


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