Citron Splash

Citron Splash

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$25.00 Quantity  


Simmers Spirits Citron Splash Sippin Shine
(Cold Spring Hollow Distillery, PA)  70° prf

Palate: Natural tasting lemon, sweet lemon, fresh lemon peel, lemon ice, Lemonhead candy, hints of limoncello, true sweet citrus, citrus grove, lemon balm, white flowers, honey, peppery, tart, creamy mouthfeel.

Finish: Very beautiful lemon, lemon curd, balanced, soft, smooth, clean, fresh, zingy, bold, rich, very pleasant, amazing.

This all-natural flavor has both a tart sweetness combination that pairs well with just about every fruit out there and stands well alone by itself over ice, with probably the most versatile flavor profile based around the Citron Fruit.


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