Apple Dumplin

Apple Dumplin

SKU: AD750-11252019

$25.00 Quantity  


Simmers Spirits Apple Dumplin Sippin Shine
(Cold Spring Hollow Distillery, PA)  70° prf

Palate: Apple, red apple skin, caramel apple, apple pie, sweet apple fritters, bakery scones, vanilla bean, Madagascar vanilla, vanilla cream, heavy cream, creamy, cinnamon, nice heat, balanced flavors, rich, tasty.

Finish: Apple, spiced apple juice, apple cinnamon crumble, pour into pie crust & bake, vanilla, cinnamon spice, toast, fireplace, warm nights by the fire, balanced, soft, nice for dessert.

With its uniquely different flavor profile that will give you a taste of eating an old-fashioned apple dumpling fresh from Grandma's house. You will taste apple and cinnamon up front, leading into vanilla with just a hint of a salted dough ball, and a nutmeg finish.


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